Why host on Unplugged?

If you have a place(s) to park on your property, Unplugged makes it easy to promote your offering and increase your income.

What does a host provide?

Because motorhomes are generally self-contained, the full range of services and facilities offered on a campsite are not needed all the time. A parking space is enough..

A gap in the market

Many campsites are not open all year round, thus limiting the motorhomers options to get out and about in the off-season. There are over 250,000 motorhomes in the UK alone, and with thousands visiting from Europe the numbers are growing.

What type of host might you be?

Example – Country pub offering food, drink and occasional live music.

The car park is big enough to accommodate up to 5 parking spaces for motorhomes without adversely limiting space for other visitors and their vehicles.

This pub offers 5 motorhome spaces available 365 days a year, so has the maximum potential to offer 1825 24hr parking spaces.

This pub owner has decided to charge £4.00 per 24hrs for each space. That’s a maximum potential income of £7,300 per year before a penny is spent on food or drink.

This pub offers our members a 10% discount on their food and drinks bill . This offer works because the motor homers who choose to spend money in this pub can see this discount as a reduction in the parking charges. A couple spending £50 on food and drink during their stay will get a £5 discount which they can offset against the parking fee.  All in all, a good deal for everyone and this pub is attracting new customers who don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

Who are our typical motorhome members?

Our users look for overnight stop sites based on location, access and price. The majority of motor homers, particularly those who choose to travel out of season, are semi or fully retired and generally looking for a peaceful night's sleep in a reasonably secure location.

Our members generally own self-contained vehicles which means they have their own toilets, water supply, waste water containment and gas supply, and don’t necessarily need to plug in to an electrical supply.

Unplugged is built on mutual respect between motor homer and host. The motor homer wants to know that once they’ve booked the spot they’ve got the spot, and a host wants to know that the visitor will stay with respect for the property and host. See our Golden Rules .

Becoming an Unplugged Host is as easy as...

Frequently asked questions

How Does Listing My Property Benefit Me?

Unplugged is the first network that offers advanced listing, searching and on-line booking of overnight stops for self-contained motorhomes and camper vans using independant, privately owned locations. The system provides peace of mind to our users that they can book and reserve a space with a range of hosts such as pubs, farms, private properties and other businesses that have a safe, level piece of ground. Many businesses already provide this service but without the benefit of having an automated system that takes care of all the processes connected to an overnight reservation. Because users of the service spend additional money with their host (for example, if you run a pub they will likely come in for food and drink) the business can earn much more than the basic overnight parking charge. However, without the Unplugged system, it can be difficult to manage inquiries and bookings and become a distraction from your main business. Unplugged takes care of everything and sends your money direct to your bank account. Keeping track of bookings and customers is easy with our host management section, showing live bookings and customer data as well at giving you full control over charges and availability. You can maintain and update your property listing as much as you like.

Is My Property Suitable As An Unplugged Host Site?

If you have a safe, level piece of ground with good access for self-contained motorhomes and camper-vans, it’s likely that you are suitable as an Unplugged Host Site. Our users look for overnight stop sites based on location, access and price, rather than extensive facilities. They will normally be stopping as part of a longer journey and looking for no more than a peaceful night’s sleep at a safe location that’s close to their route. If you can offer a parking space at a location that offers great views, food and drink, or close proximity to attractions and places of interest, that would be a real bonus!

Does it Cost Anything to Become an Unplugged Host Site?

No – not a penny! There is no set up charge or ongoing fees to use Unplugged Travel as a host site. It’s quick and starightforward to add your property and we’re here on hand if you need any assistance with anything. Once you’re happy with your listing you can publish it to our live database and start taking bookings. We charge a 20% commission for bookings and your part of the fee is sent direct to your bank account using the Stripe payments system at the time of booking. Unplugged comes with afull Host Site management system that allows you to keep track of bookings, view reports, keep in touch with customers and maintain your listing’s information and images.

How do I register my property?

Click on the “Register now” link and join up as a host site and choose the subscription type that most suits you (to take on-line bookings you will select the “Professional” option. You’ll receive an email confirmation and you can then go to your account and add your property.

I’d like to become a host but there are certain times of the year when I can’t provide a parking space

That’s no problem – you can control your availability really easily by blocking out dates in your account.

How will I know when I have a booking?

The UnPlugged booking system will send you an email with the booking details as soon as it has been made. The booking will also appear in your UnPlugged account and can be viewed anytime. UnPlugged is a real-time reservation system, so the moment a parking space is booked, it is no longer available for anyone else to reserve and will not appear for that date.

How Much Should I Charge Per Night?

A normal charge would be £5.00 per night per vehicle but there are a number of factors that influence the cost. Some hosts (particularly pubs) choose not to charge their guests, as they wish to encourage people to stay with them in the knowledge that they will spend money at their establishment. Other sites may be particularly convenient for travel routes or have incredible views and scenery and additional facilities on site. Some locations may be situated where parking elsewhere would be very expensive (central London, for example). A host next door to Wimbledon, Twickenham, etc. may feel that a higher charge is reasonable.

How do I get paid?

Unplugged uses the Stripe payment system and as soon as you have registered your property with us, you will need to enable the Stripe Payment Gateway in your Unplugged account. Once you have set up your Stripe account, all booking amounts will go directly into your bank account. You can spend as much time as you need setting up your Unplugged listing. It won’t go live on our network until you decide you’re ready.

Will there be any impact on my property from motor homers?

Our members own “self-contained” vehicles. That is, they have there own toilets, water supply and waste water containment. They have their own gas supply and do not need to “plug in” to an electrical supply. The majority of motor homers, particularly those who choose to travel out of season are semi or fully retired and generally looking for a peaceful nights sleep in locations that offer access to more leisurely pursuits – nice walks, cycling, fishing, a decent meal, etc. Unplugged members are required to follow our “Golden Rules” and will leave their parking spot as they found it.