About UnPlugged

Booking fees

We do not charge any booking fees to our members.

Using the search page

Your search for an overnight stop starts on our “Search Stops” page. You will need to be using either a trial or full membership to access this page. You can find overnight stop sites in one of 2 ways. Either select a region and / or property type from the search box near the top of the page to see a selection of properties that meet your chosen criteria. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and use the map to find properties.

How to use the map

You can zoom in and out of the map using the + and – at the bottom right of the map or click on the numbered circles to open up the sites in that area. Click and drag an area of the map to move around. You can switch between road map view and satellite view by clicking the buttons top left. You can also switch to full screen view by clicking on the icon top right of the map. Click on an icon to see basic details and image, then click on the image or the “more info” link to open up the full property information page where you can find out all you need to know and make a booking.

What do the different coloured icons represent?

A blue icon shows the location of an overnight stop site.

A red icon shows a place of interest.

A green icon shows a golf club offering golf and stay packages.

What do the numbers in the circles represent?

This shows the number of properties or places of interest in the area. The grouping of resources makes the map much easier to view.

Becoming a member of UnPlugged


Membership to the Unplugged Travel bookings portal costs £49 per year. This gives you full access to the online search and booking facility, where you can view our database of overnight motor home stops, many of which are free to stay at. A growing number of “host sites” offer instant bookings, giving you a guaranteed pitch or parking place for the night. Members have their own account section where they can update their profile, view past and future bookings and their favourite overnight stops. Members can also generate their own rewards by helping to identify new stopover sites anywhere in the U.K. Being an Unplugged Travel full member can save you hundreds of pounds every year.

How to join

To become an UnPlugged member, click on any of the “join now” or “become a member” links throughout the site. During the sign up process you will be asked to pay your first year’s membership fee of £49 and we will send you a user name and password to log in by email.

Finding New Host Sites

Can I recommend new host sites to UnPlugged?

Yes – we are encouraging our members to help grow the number of UnPlugged host sites and if you want to combine your travels with generating an income, you can join our associates program. You might come across an ideal potential host site when you’re away on your travels or you could visit local businesses near to where you live. There’s no limit to how many new host sites you can introduce and you will soon build up a significant ongoing revenue.

How do I recommend a new host site?

Once you have identified a potential new Unplugged host site, you will need to talk to the business owner to explain the benefits of adding their property to Unplugged and show them the link to the membership page for host sites on the Bookings Portal (booking.unplugged-travel.net)

The property owner should click on this link and follow the instructions to add their property details. In order for you to qualify for incentives (if you are part of our Pioneer Programme), they will need to add your name and the email address you use with your Unplugged Travel Bookings Portal Membership on the form. As soon as the new property is published, your details will be attached to the property as the introducing member.

When introducing new host sites, you must make sure that they meet our minimum criteria – the parking area must be on level ground, be in a safe environment, be accessible to motor homes and be owned by the person or business adding the host site to our network. New host sites are vetted by Unplugged before being approved and only suitable sites that have provided the information requested during registration will be accepted.

New host sites can access our FAQs for more information and, once they have registered, there is an extensive help section at hand to assist them in setting up their prices, pitches, images, etc.


Can I add a “wild camping” location?

Yes – we have a dedicated category for stopover and wild camping spots that can’t be booked. If you know of a location suitable for motorhomes that you would like to share on the system, you can add it here. You must ensure that it’s legal to park at the location you submit and you should add as much information as possible. It is also very important that a grid reference is provided. A good site to find a grid reference easily is https://gridreferencefinder.com

If you prefer, you can email the details to us at bookings@unplugged-travel.net and we’ll arrange for the location to go onto the system. Please also use this email contact for any other queries you have regarding this subject.

Sites that we consider to be unsuitable or illegal will not be added and we reserve the right to remove any sites that don’t meet our criteria or have received negative feedback from our members.