We’re building a nationwide network of stopovers and we believe
the best way to do this is with your help

You’re invited to join us as full or part time associates and help build our network

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Why be an Unplugged associate?

With over 290,000 motor homers registered in the UK and tens of thousands visiting from mainland Europe, there is an exciting potential to profit from building your own network.

We will show you how to:

  • Establish a recurring revenue stream from stopovers that you find and list on our booking platform
  • Claim full tax relief on fuel, food, site fees and even vehicle purchase and maintenance costs whilst working to develop your stopover network

An example of your earning potential is below:

Follow our simple plan, start building your network and enjoy the benefits of a new income.

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Your potential as an associate...

We know from our experience that it is entirely possible, as well as pleasurable, to establish at least 2 sites per day. So if you’re prepared to incorporate your hobby with finding and listing sites for 40 to 50 days per year, you could easily list up to 100 sites in a year.

Using the above example and assuming only 30% bookings - your potential income in one year could easily exceed £25,000 and you would claim tax relief on all associated activity and expenses!

The number of potential sites within 30 miles of where you're based is virtually limitless so you don't need to travel far to find them.