Every member of the Unplugged team is passionate about making a better experience for motorhomers. More freedom, more convenience, more choice, more fun and more special memories made. We are all different but Unplugged has provided a solution for the majority of motorhomers who often have no choice but to overnight on a big, managed site – squeezed in amongst a multitude of caravans and other motorhomes, and paying over £25 per night for facilities they don’t need or use. We have brought together a great group of people who are happy to let you stay at their premises, such as pubs, restaurants, golf courses, fishing lakes and private land, for a nominal charge. In return, you are asked to uphold the high standards required of an Unplugged member and follow our Golden Rules:

  • Your host will normally have a business to run. They offer you a safe place to stay overnight and nothing more. Make their life easy and show them respect. This is your opportunity to get away from over-busy camping and caravan sites. Treat the chance to stay with your host as a privilege and in return you will be welcomed with open arms by friendly, hospitable hosts.
  • Introduce yourself when you arrive. It only takes a moment, but this common courtesy will be appreciated by your host.
  • Say farewell when you leave. If you’ve had a good stay, let them know. It’s all part of building our community and making a positive experience for both you and our hosts.
  • Respect your host’s earliest arrival and latest departure times. They are there to make everybody’s stay trouble free. Do your best to arrive during daylight. If you’re going to be late, let your host know.
  • Make an effort to support your host’s business. If it’s a pub, have a drink or something to eat. A little bit of extra business for your host makes it more attractive to offer overnight pitches to motorhomers and helps to bring more sites on board. It’s good for everyone!
  • Host sites are not camping sites! Be respectful and don’t make a nuisance of yourself. Keep the noise down, don’t make litter and don’t use the space outside your motorhome. That means no chairs, no awnings and no barbecues! Your host is providing a parking space, not a camping pitch.
  • Keep animals under control. Although you know Fido wouldn’t hurt a fly, it can be scary for other people and particularly children, to see a hound galloping towards them! Be considerate of others and check if there’s somewhere you can let your dog off the lead if you need to. After all, dogs like a bit of freedom too, just like you.
  • Use of facilities. Your host will show what facilities are included on their property details page where you booked. If you want to use a facility that wasn’t listed (such as a water tap) you need to ask the host before using it.
  • Chemical Toilets. Under no circumstances should you put the contents of your chemical toilet down a host’s toilet!!
  • General courtesy. Be nice. Be considerate. Respect your host’s privacy.