Getting Started

Step 1

Select the country, region and property type. This will be "Motorhome Stopover Site" if you are providing overnight parking facilities. Add the name of your property and the email address.

Step 2

On the next page you will be walked through some of the details we need to help create your listing on the system.

Work through the tasks shown until they are complete.

  • Creating Pitches - You will see we have 2 pitch types, Hardstanding Pitch and Grass Pitch. Select how many pitches you want to make available of each type and add the amount per night you want to charge for each pitch type, the maximum number of people allowed per pitch and the maximum number of people allowed in the booking.

  • Address Details - Fill in the details as required. To find the grid references for your property go to or use the map to pinpoint your location.

Scroll further down the page and add any additional information (the description field is mandatory), remembering to select any facilities that apply by clicking next to the icons (a description of the facility will show when you hover over it with your mouse).

Click "submit" at the bottom of the page to save everything!

  • Images - Media Centre

Introduction - Good quality images are perhaps the most important part of your listing. If you want to attract visitors to your property, people will want to see what it looks like in advance. We therefore recommend that you take a little time to take some nice photos of different aspects of the property, using the different sections in the Media Centre. Let's get started!

Opening Media Centre - click on "settings" and then click on "media centre" from the drop-down list.

Select the different image types from the drop-list and follow the instructions to upload your saved images.