Howdy Pardner!

We've got a great incentive program for our pioneering members. It's going to take a bit of time to build up our database of overnight motorhome stop sites and we want to give our earliest members the opportunity to start using the system during this process. We'd rather you didn't have to pay an annual membership at this point, so we've got a proposition for you!

We're looking for a limited number of new friends to talk to some pubs, farms and landowners and help them get set up as unplugged hosts. You don't need to hit the trail too far - if our pioneers just cover the area local to them we'll have our targets hit in no time!

As soon as your first stopover site is submitted to us and we've bitten down on the details to make sure they're gold, we'll approve them and send you your free, 1-year membership log-in details by email (or telegraph - whichever is quicker). You'll then have full access to the unplugged network and be able to search and book overnight stops, access the forum and have your own account management to keep track of your bookings and favourites.

It doesn't stop there, though! As soon as any of the stopover sites you have helped to set up reach 15 bookings, we'll send you a £20 voucher that can be used in the unplugged online shop (there's plenty of motorhome essentials in there to choose from).  So, the more stopover sites you can help to set up, the more vouchers you can earn!

Here's how you go about it...

Firstly, we're looking for overnight stop sites that will be pleasant and convenient to stay at - the kind of place that you, yourself would want to use. So, if the ground isn't level, the access is difficult or there are noise or security issues, please don't submit it (it will only get declined when we review it).

Let's take an example of a country pub. Simply speak to the landlord and explain that you are helping unplugged build its network of overnight stops and inform them that, if they are willing to provide overnight parking for our conscientious members (who will have fully self-contained motor homes or campervans and are bound by unplugged's "Golden Rules") point them to our webpage for new host site applications at

The page explains fully how to submit a property to us and explains the benefits of being an unplugged site, with different examples shown for varying business types.

The host site can decide how much to charge per night, how many parking spaces (pitches) they want to provide and when they will be available for use. Host sites have their own comprehensive booking management system and they are also notified by email when a new booking is made. Our booking system is live, so the same pitch can't be double-booked. We use the Stripe payment gateway and the booking amount is paid direct to the host site at the time of booking.

One of the big benefits for being an unplugged host is that they will usually get extra business from our members (who may buy food and drinks, etc. during their stay).

The initial set-up is very quick and easy and the host will then be free to go back to their listing and add more information, images and any offers they want to let our members know about. We're on hand to assist if their I.T. skills aren't too good!

To make sure you are linked to the new host site, make sure that your name and email address is entered in the "referring member name and email" boxes.