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  • Get access to thousands of stopovers across the UK in unique locations including pubs, farms, golf courses, country estates and private driveways
  • Look through stopover photos, available facilities and see what’s nearby all in one place - previous customer reviews are a feature that make choosing your stopover even easier.
  • Make use of your self-sufficient van and save hundreds on camp site fees all year-round
  • Get access to deals and offers from many of our stopovers, such as discounts on food & drink, and activities
  • While there are various stopover lists in the UK, Unplugged is the first and only platform that allows you to book spaces in advance at the touch of a button

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Our mission

Unplugged is born from our desire as motor homers to experience the true freedom and flexibility of travelling in a self-contained vehicle. The Unplugged platform lets you rest easy in your motorhome or camper by parking with permission in a pre-bookable space.

Our primary focus is to build and continuously expand a nationwide network of overnight stopovers. We want to change the way you travel whilst saving time, money and making the whole planning process more enjoyable. By inviting hosts from all over the UK to open up their land, properties and businesses to our members, places that have not traditionally been explored by most of us in our vans are immediately accessible at the touch of a button.

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